Watch sports, not concerts

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When I came to Dubai, I was rather impressed by the variety of concerts and comedy shows happening here. Then I had my first big overadvertised concert and it turned out to be a total failure. I ended up standing for five hours in the middle of a giant concrete hall and as I am not sixteen anymore, it was a slight torture. The big British celebrity was a few hours late and after a bought two cocktails from a cocktail bar, I found out that you are not allowed to leave the bar zone with the drinks, so I had to smash them in order not to miss the show.

The next big event I went to was comedy show with Trevor Noah- a famous South African comedian. This tme was better, as I made sure it’s a seated event before buying anything.  When choosing the types of tickets I also happened to look at the average tickets price for the same shows in the States and guess what…it was five to seven times cheaper to see Mr. Noah in the US than in UAE. In fact, for the price of the cheapest ticket here I could get a VIP access to the event in New York.

Wait a minute, that can’t be right, I thought before booking the tickets. Then it turned out it was right and the concerts for some reason are really overpriced here. People tend to get bored quickly and Dubai is the only place in the world where people decide literally last minute to go or not to go to the event, depending on whether they have anything else planned for the night. As a result, going to an advertised event is more of a status thing than anything else, and you might spot rap music fans showing up for Taylor Swift concert just because why not. You end up being surrounded by people on their phones, who are not willing to share your enthusiasm for the performer, but since it’s prestigious to see Ellie Goulding or Il Divo, they are very busy posting that on all social media.

After having experienced all that, I decided to hold up my concert heart till I find myself in a more concert-friendly place, and in the meantime look for something unique that my indefinite stay in Dubai might offer. My research paid off and I came up with some ideas of events that back home I might easily overlook or they might not even exist there.

It came to me as a big surprise that for some reason some sports events in Dubai are quite affordable, even free, unlike the concerts, which usually cost a fortune. And the atmosphere is great since people that attend sporting events usually have to like them so most probably there will be highly enthusiastic public. Of course, sports events like F1 or Dubai Open might not be that free or cheap (Dubai open grandstand might be cheap compared to the average of 300 for a concert, but you must hurry to but the tickets as they go instantly).

Anyway, last year for the first time in my life I experienced the fantastic atmosphere of Rugby Sevens. Wait, before any of you cringe at the word “rugby”, I would like to explain that the Sevens is something everyone who likes partying, festivals, carnivals, street food, and beer, has to try. Will say no more and just try it next time you hear it’s coming to town.

Sports is great in Dubai, just watch it (or do it) and I will keep you posted.

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