Things to Do in Summer in Dubai

Summer in Dubai is not as bad as everyone makes it sound. Yes, many people do leave, especially if they have children, since, let’s be honest, unless something wrong with your core temperature, you can’t really enjoy being outdoors between 11 am and 7 pm. What a waste of beautiful shoreline and sea and palm trees and the wonderful waterfront running track…

But, here you are, spending your summer in Dubai with no plans of going anywhere in the next few months. No need to panic, there is still plenty to do here even in the dreaded hottest season you will have ever experienced, and with the right schedule adjustments and motivation, your summer in Dubai can turn into the most productive and remarkably interesting of all! Explore your hidden talents, go on an adventure, learn a new skill and rediscover your city with UncoverDubai. We prepared 10 tips on what to do in summer in Dubai that will make your friends jealous.

1.Become a regular at the movie theater.

Dubai, movies, summer, summer in dubai, dubai summer, cinema, vox, reelSummer is perfect for finally finding time to see all the new releases at your closest cinema. With fewer people in the city, there are less crowds in the movies. Vox cinemas have good buy one get free offers, including DU Tuesdays; while Reel cinemas provide fancy concierge services for only extra 30 dhs per person. The service includes a pillow and a blanket, a dedicated counter, and F&B delivery, so why not try this Dubai extravagant service for only 30 aed? If you don’t feel like being pampered by a concierge and don’t want a blanket, still don’t forget to have a sweater with – it might get rather cold at the movies!

2. Paddle board at sunrise.


Waking up with the sun in hot summer months will reward you with the most beautiful placid experiences. The Arabian Gulf is known for its calm waters, so why not learn a new skill here while you are stuck this summer here. Stand up paddling (SUP) is fun and cool skill, and doing it before 8 a.m. will show you the new quiet Dubai. The quietness, the blue tranquil waters, and misty morning sky work better than any yoga and meditation practices. You can rent your SUP boards at trendy Surfhouse Dubai or or hipstery Kite Beach, from 35 dhs per hour. Warning: you might get addicted and buy your own paddle board after just your first session!

3. Go on a photo walk around old Dubai.

IMG_1515In this case, you will not regret waking up early. Old Dubai is picturesque and deserves being captured for all the Instagram to see. Take a wrong turn in the small streets of Bastakiya, watch the vendors get ready for the busy day at the souqs, discover little shops around the Creek, try some street food for breakfast, take an abra ride across the Creek. Explore! Gulf Photo Plus sometimes host photo walks with their professional photographers, so if you want to do it like a pro, you can try that. Otherwise (also, if you don’t feel like spending a fortune on a walk without a purpose), just go alone or with a friend to make it more interesting, and share your photos after, when you are back to the hustle and bustle of modern Dubai.

4. Become a ski pro.

Dubai, movies, summer, summer in dubai, ski dubai, mall of the emiratesDubai might not be the only place in the world with indoor ski facilities, but it is one of them and it is right here. How many times have you been to the Mall of the Emirates and walked past the Ski Dubai to get to the food court? In the end, it stops looking so surreal and you almost don’t notice it anymore. Now stop for a second a think about it- there is a ski resort inside the mall and the snow never melts there. Even in summer. Even in scorching +49! You don’t even have to do anything extraordinary to go there!Take your chance and learn how to ski! Or, just go play in the snow! You can always warm up afterwards by hitting the beach. Good news- there is a deal for Ski Dubai in the Entertainer, so grab your friends and head out to the… snow!

5. Sharpen your aesthetic appreciation.

Dubai, movies, summer, art, art camp, art gallery, summer in dubai, Summer in Dubai might be quiet but the art does not sleep! When last did you go to an art gallery? No, Dubai is not as vain you think and the art scene here deserves some recognition. Develop your artistic personality with DIFC Art Space Dubai gallery. More info here. Besides the regular exhibitions, everyone’s beloved café, Comptoir 102, will be displaying a summer pop-up there, featuring works by Dubai-based Lebanese contemporary artist, Katya Traboulsi.

6. Climb the rocks.

Dubai, movies, summer, summer in dubai, adventure hq, obstacle course, rock climbingDon’t worry, you won’t have to drive four hours to torture yourself by climbing mountains in this heat. Adventure HQ in Times Square Mall offers some adventures (sorry for tautology) in a nice safe air conditioned environment, easily accessible from any part on Dubai. Rock climbing or obstacle course might sound challenging, so why not try both. Prices start from 60 dhs for 30 minutes session. Have some hot tea afterwards at Chillout Dubai bar, a subzero bar. More info on their website.

7. Unleash your creativity.

Dubai, movies, summer, summer in dubai, art, art dubai, summer camp, ductac, art camp

Ductac hosts Art Summer Camp For Teens and Adults (13+) between June 26th and August 4th, Sunday to Thursday. The place is conveniently located at the Mall of the Emirates. Participants will experience ways of creative expression in various materials and artistic techniques. The instructors will give a short brief at the beginning of each activity. The camp is 9:30- 1:15, with an hour per activity, so it will not be tiresome or too complicated. Artistic activities will include drawing, painting, and sculpture, pottery on the wheel, as well as unconventional jewelry making and different modes of working with paper. Some sessions will focus on examples from art history illustrating different styles and ideas, while others will be experiments in handling a material, tool, or technique. Hence, you can learn both theory and practice.
Find more about the art summer camp for adults on Ductac website.  Timings:9:30 to 1:15, 5 days/week. Fee: 250 AED per day, 1250 AED per week. All materials are included. You might get hooked, so in case you need a new art set, look no further.


8. Pamper yourself at the spa.

Dubai, movies, summer, summer in dubai, spa, dubai spaFeeling tired and lazy because of the heat and lack of fresh air? Restart your metabolism with some health and beauty consciousness. Visit a spa salon and treat yourself with a nice relaxing experience. Groupon has tons of offers for couple massages, Moroccan baths, spa treatments, facials, etc. for both men and women, all priced quite reasonably. Choose something not far from your house or have a mini getaway to a spa resort, and indulge into a destressing pampering ritual. It will help you cope better with summer weather and will rejuvenate your body and soul.

9. Enjoy lazy evening at a pool.

Dubai, movies, summer, summer in dubai, mina seyahi, pool, infinity poolSummer in Dubai is a very good time for everyone staying in the city to enjoy some special resident offers and discounts. You can finally experience the ultimate luxury in a relatively affordable way. Just choose your favorite hotel and look for residents offers. Anyway, this tip was about the pool & beach access specials. Many beach clubs have summer offers, so considering most of those pools are chilled, it’s a great opportunity to have a lazy day/evening at the pool. Le Meridien has a whole variety of summer offers, and Riva Beach has an exciting two-for-one offer:

10. Shop till you drop.

Dubai, movies, summer, summer in dubai, shopping, mallSummer is a great season for shopping, the malls are emptier, the sales assistants are less busy, the discounts are more tempting…If it’s your first year in the UAE, stock up with summer clothes in summer, you will definitely need it in September, October, November… However, stores in Dubai follow general European seasons and if you think you can buy a pair of summer shorts and a sundress in October, you are mistaken. The shops will be full of parkas, thick scarves, and warm boots, and all that during beach season for the residents! Thus, this summer, shop till you drop!

And how do you spend your summer in Dubai? Share your tips with us!

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