The Entertainer is a must-have in Dubai

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Even though on The Entertainer website there is a whole list of countries and cities where you can benefit from the book or the app, including such popular travel destinations as Cyprus, Cape Town and even London, nobody usually knows about it before they move here (by here I mean UAE).

I personally love the Entertainer and I regret deeply not having discovered it as soon as I moved to Dubai. In fact, I strongly believe that each and every PRO whose job is help newly arrived expatriates with all the papers should definitely put the Entertainer on the list of important things to know when moving to the UAE.

The not-so-much unique concept of buy-one-get-one-free lets you enjoy a variety of new places and is really great to have if you are in a relationship or have a really good friend with whom you do most of the things together. Or you are two couples with totally different tastes in everything, so that you can easily share an account. You can  ping up to ten offers a year as well, which is a great thing to do when you want to share or exchange an offer with someone. Considering the high number of merchants partnering with the Entertainer (over a thousand last time I checked) and limited offers on each of them (usually three per establishment), it encourages you to try many different places throughout the year.

The book or the application usually comes with preloaded/printed offers and once a month they also release some new monthly offers with a limited timeframe within which you can claim the offer. There is a normal one, a fine dining one, and then kids and body ones (I don’t use the last two, they make sense only if you have a bunch of children, as many place already offer some good specials for them, and as for the body one, you need a dedicated girlfriend who wants to have exactly same mani/pedi/hair procedure at the same time as you). Besides, Groupon is great for beauty offers.

Anyway, back to the main Entertainer. Since it’s almost impossible to try all of the offers, or even half of them, unless you go every day twice a day, this section will allow you read unofficial somewhat biased reviews of places I visited using the Entertainer and whether it’s worth going to those or not really. Will save you the trouble of deciding between something you don’t know and haven’t been to yet. Also, sometimes you can run into some sort of an unpleasant surprise when the establishment decides that burger is not a main course and chooses not to give you a discount. Or, au contraire, some unknown place somewhere in Jebel Ali might have the best service and the best menu where everything qualifies as a main course, so you just have to choose among those amazing Indian curries. Again, this is the only way you should for brunches here in Dubai. Yes, I simply refuse to pay the full amount for something I can get a BOGOF offer for! So even though I might have said that I do not do brunches, sometimes you might see a review on some brunch I got in the Entertainer (shame on me!).

Furthermore, I would like to mention that unlike some other offers we feature in this blog, it’s worth buying the Entertainer even if you are a tourist, as it has some great touristy offers, such as sightseeing tours, and water parks. Basically, by redeeming one offer, you cover the whole cost of the app.  Ok, here I stop glorifying the amazing Entertainer. Keep an eye for the reviews of what it has to offer, and UncoverDubai will keep you posted.

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