Russo’s New York Pizzeria is not just another Dubai pizza

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One of the most interesting deals in the Entertainer is Russo’s New York Pizzeria deal. They offer a regular BOGOF for their main course, and nothing would be that special about it, if not one thing. Yes, at first it might seem like just another Dubai pizza place with a promotion, but it is still very different. In fact, it is unique, because it is THE ONLY Pizza place with the Entertainer working on delivery. You can get a free main course without even getting off your chair!

I ordered two pizzas from them- a standard one and a Napoletana one, which comes with a thinner crust in a square shape, then I just had to type in my code on my phone to redeem the offer and the delivery guy introduced the Pizzeria code. Worked perfectly! Both pizzas were delicious and I still have two vouchers left. Yum!

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