Oregano- cozy place in the middle of the city

Oregano, Dubai, The Entertainer, Entertainer Dubai, Bogof

Last weekend in search of a nice quiet place for my lunch and trying by all means to avoid malls, beaches and brunches (=crowds!!!), I have discovered a nice cozy place in the middle of a residential neighborhood. The place is called Oregano. It is a cute little Italian restaurant tucked away among the Emaar buildings in the Greens. Nothing spectacular about it, except for the cozy outdoors tables under the green trees. Supposedly there is another one in Motor City but honestly I have no idea about the quality of food and coziness of the atmosphere in that one.

Nothing really special about the one in the Greens from the outside, except for the homey outdoor tables under the trees.The experience turned out quite positive and I am here to share it with my dear readers.

The atmosphere

We sat outside enjoying the beautiful weather, just steps away from the busy Sheikh Zayed Road but feeling like in the middle of a suburbia as the noises seemed distant and the birds were singing loudly. Even though Oregano is right near the Emaar business square, it’s very quiet on the weekend, since all the offices are closed then. Go there if you are tired of noisy and busy establishments and are looking for some nice Italian food in a peaceful neighborhood.

The food

Oregano, Dubai, The Entertainer, Entertainer Dubai, Bogof

Gnocchi Milanese were very rich and creamy

The place is in the Entertainer, which is the added bonus. We ordered gnocchi Milanese- traditional Italian potato dumplings in a rich creamy tomato sauce, and a meat calzone- a pizza pocket with meat inside. Both dishes came at the same time, gnocchi tasted and looked really good, with this home made something that is difficult to replicate in mass produce. Calzone had a slightly dry crust but the juicy stuffing compensated for that. Both portions were quite generous and I ended up taking half of the calzone to go.

Before the meal we were given a complimentary bread basket with butter and melted cheese. That was the most delicious bread I ever had! Or was it me just being too relaxed and hungry?

Generous portions

Oregano, Dubai, The Entertainer, Entertainer Dubai, Bogof

Meat calzone was bigger than it looks

The quantity is good enough to leave you full at the end of your meal. The quality is definitely above average and so is the taste! Service to my surprise was quick and rather efficient in the beginning. There was no delay in serving the food. Later to get the bill paid  it took some time and I even had to go inside. Other than that minor nuisance, everything was perfect.

Why and when should you go

Anyway, the atmosphere is something you should go for, as it has a warm feel to it. Bring the whole family or come for a private date, the welcoming environment accommodates all of it.  And if you want to avoid business lunch crowds, definitely come on the weekend. The food is yummy and does taste Italian, which sometimes can be hard to find in Dubai where there is a whole blend of cuisines and flavors.

Portions are big and are great for sharing or for takeaway.  There is enough parking right outside the restaurant. Just pay attention to the parking streets, as they might turn into a maze!

Oregano is a nice and reasonable spot to satisfy your Italian cravings!

Need to visit again to explore the menu a bit more.


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