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Groupon has literally hundreds of deals, and the biggest trick with it is to find a hidden gem in the pile of rubbish. But once you get something worth it, you will love it. For instance, once I found a 99 dhs special for four(!) beauty treatments, so I ended up getting a massage, mani, pedi, and eyebrows for 99! And the quality was comparable to my regular overpriced salon. Moreover, it was just a few minutes’ drive from my place, so double bargain here.

Another great deal I got on groupon was Mug & Bean breakfast special, where for 25 dhs you could enjoy a hearty breakfast and a hot beverage. And guess what, it can be an unlimited coffee! Mug & Bean is one of my favorite breakfast venues in South Africa, with its deliciously wonderful muffins, so it was a pleasant surprise to uncover this place in the middle of residential Jumeirah and to enjoy a terrific deal with groupon vouchers, which I bought as many as I could after my first breakfast experience turned out to be wonderful and just as I expected it to be.

Yes, I did have some not so great experience with the offers, so that’s why I will share those as well, so that you don’t end up making bad choices. Uncover Dubai will pre-approve the offers for you.

In this section I will post the hottest bestest deals you might get there and review whether it was really that good after using the voucher. So keep an eye on my posts and reviews to save yourself some trouble choosing and deciding!

If you missed that, don’t worry, great deals on groupon are not over, and new cool deals are definitely coming, so I will keep you updated on uncovering more interesting things to try.

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