Beautfiful Weather for Being Outdoors: Global Village

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There is a red telephone booth and a Big Ben right behind the Statue of Liberty

Global Village is something so typical and stereotypical Dubai that it’s not even funny. It is huge, it’s full of eateries, and it’ huge. Wait, did I already say huge?

To be honest, I was full of stereotypes and thus a bit skeptical about it but to my big surprise it turned out to be great. And even if you think it might be somewhat cheesy, a little cheesiness can be rather refreshing and entertaining.

The best thing about Global Village is that it is outdoors

and now when the weather is great, you can finally avoid the overcrowded malls and dive into some traditional culture. The village is open only during the cooler winter months, which means that you have only a few months to go visit it. Despite its artificial nature, it is not full of fake glamour some of us, Dubai residents, like so much. In fact, the whole place looks like it’s always been here and that’s how it should be.

Anyway, another noticeable thing about it is the demographics. It is highly popular among locals and I could finally feel like I am in a Middle Eastern city. Some local vibe is something I was craving for and I got it there. Truly refreshing atmosphere! Among all the food stalls and kiosks that are there, I highly recommend trying these delicious Emirati doughnuts from Emirati cultural stands. The fact that there are always people queueing for those, is a good sign. Those little balls (unfortunately, I just cannot remember the proper names for them, anyone?) are oh so delicious!


Heritage Stall, Dubai, Global Village, Dubai outdoors

Heritage Cooking Station

So what is Global Village?

According to Wikipedia, Global Village Dubailand, Dubai, is claimed to be the world’s largest tourism, leisure and entertainment project. It is the region’s first cultural, entertainment, family and shopping destination. Every year, it has over 5 million visitors over an area of 17,200,000 sq ft (1,600,000 m2)

It consists of many pavilions, each representing a different country or even a whole continent. There are Turkey, Russia, Africa, Middle Eastern countries, China, Indonesia, France, Italy, the UK, and many many more. Each country will have something specific to them, like for instance, go to China for some cheap clothes, to Africa for wooden jewelry and traditional art, and to Russia for some Russian pastry and tea. If the mini Big Ben, St. Basil Cathedral, red telephone booths, Chinese lanterns and dragons, Medieval knights’ statues are not enough, then also note that the salespeople are indeed those countries representatives, which is something unique for Dubai, and it adds up to the atmosphere and authenticity of the place.

Dubai, Global Village, African art, Africa

Traditional African crafts contrasting with a modern poster

Global Village timings are 4 p.m. to midnight on weekdays and 4 p.m. till 1 a.m. on Thursdays and Fridays. Monday is a family day. Entrance fee is 15 dhs. Family packages available.  Hurry up because it will stay up only till April 9th, and enjoy the beautiful Dubai weather everyone in the UK is dreaming about.

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