Giveaways That Will Keep You Busy This Eid

Four days weekend might feel like an eternity if you are trying to avoid mall crowds, while promenading or roasting on the beach in what feels like +61 is not an option for you. Of course, there are still lots of things to do this Eid (look here for more ideas), as well as celebrating the holiday with your friends and family, but what if you don’t really have a big family in Dubai (which is very likely for most expats living in UAE). Getaways are quite popular as well, but sometimes are not an option either. Especially, if you were too late with all the bookings, thinking you still have time, and now are stuck in the city for the holidays.

No worries, just try to relax and get some sleep that will help you survive the rest of summer. If you are not sure how to relax properly, think lazy mornings, delicious breakfasts, your favorite book, maybe your local air conditioned gym, night EURO 2016 football. If you are a football fan, you probably already know that big games are at 11 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. With Eid holidays, you can watch them guilt-free, since no need to wake up early the next day.  And something new and exciting- competitions and giveaways!

I honestly don’t believe in free anything too much (skeptical me), but surprisingly, a few times I actually did win some small prizes, and I must say it does make you feel good about yourself! And the universe.  Getting something for free without much effort put into it is, for some reason, truly exciting. Thus, UncoverDubai prepared a list of competitions and giveaways with some nice prizes to win, and since you now have all the time you need for silliness, why not try your luck? Who knows, maybe you will be the next winner!

1. Conde Nast Traveller.

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This leading luxury travel magazine has its yearly poll and we cannot miss it! Vote for the best travel experience internationally or in the Middle East and win some exciting prizes, including a 7-night stay for two at Amila Fushi Resort in Maldives. The interesting and challenging part about this competition is that you might actually have to think a bit before filling in the form, since they want you type your own favorite places, instead of usual having to choose from the list of something already predetermined. You need to be fresh and well-rested for this one. Also it’s not very clear when the winners will be announced. But, anyway, good luck and maybe see you in Maldives! More info on Conde Nast Middle East website.

2. Ripe Organic Meal.

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This best in the UAE organic market for local fruits and veggies is always busy promoting healthy lifestyle. Now they came up with this guilt-free deliciousness competition. You can win a three-course meal for two at Cocktail Kitchen Organic Sundays. Who said organic cannot be comforting? It is very easy to participate, and hopefully equally easy to win.  No need to fill in a complicated form, as all you have to do is email your name and your phone number to with Organic Sundays in the subject line. Winners will be announced on Thursday 14th July. Can’t wait!

3. Forever Rose Gift.

giveaways, maldives, dubai competition, forever rose, roses, flowers, bouquetWho doesn’t like flowers! Especially if they last more than two days.  This flower delivery company are claiming their roses are the world’s longest lasting ones (wow, really?), so why not check whether it’s true with this giveaway. Forever Rose flower delivery company partnered with Dubai Week for a perfect Eid gift worth 1000 dhs! That’s quite a lot of long-lasting flowers! Participate on Dubai Week website. And if you are curious about the flowers, you can find out more about them on Forever Rose website.

4. My Fantastic Life in Dubai Giveaway.

giveaways, maldives, dubai competition, books, dubai expats, expats, expatwomanExpat Woman in Dubai website always has some competitions going on, but I chose this one because of its intellectual nature and because Kyra Dupont Troubettzkoy and Celine Maslard are wonderful authors worth discovering, if you haven’t heard about them yet. Witty, ironic, educated. Perfect read for Dubai. To participate, you have to be registered with Expat Woman.   (More about Expat Woman read here).  The description says that the authors bring to life an absurd, off the wall, grotesque, hilarious and touching Jumeirah Jane. An honest version of the Western Expat woman we love and loathe and they promise us some uncontrollable fits of laughter. Well, I will have to see about that! The good thing about this giveaway is that it is rather realistic and I know people who won books with Expat Woman before, so definitely worth registering and trying your luck.

If you, however, didn’t manage to win this book or were too late for the competition, there are other interesting reads on expat life, that will make you realize you are not the only one coping with relocation adjustments. Like, for example, this humorous,  but authoritative book  by Clara Wiggings. UncoverDubai sincerely recommends this read to all the expats.                    

5. Zen Royal Treatment.

Dubai, vaniday dubai, vaniday, beauty treatment dubai, beauty dubai, giveaways, maldives, dubai competition, I would like to end this list of giveaways with the ultimate relaxation prize you can win. This time, it’s with Time Out Dubai, check this link if you wish to participate. You can win a one-hour Zen Royal treatment at Spa Zen and Health Club. It sounds even better than Maldives getaway since there is no packing, taking off work,  and flying stresses involved.  This is what they say on the website: This oasis of peace in the middle of the city center (I still have no idea where Dubai’s city center is, isn’t it in one of the malls, anyway?) offers couples treatment rooms, separate female and male relaxation lounges, saunas, a steam room, Jacuzzi, an outdoor infinity pool and a health club.

I guess knowing where city center is not that important, and I am ready to experience the ultimate relaxation anyway.

In conclusion, I would like to wish good luck to all my readers with all these giveaways! Eid Mubarak! Happy Eid Holidays!

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