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Duplays, beach volleyball, team sports, sport, sportsDubai is a relatively young city, and we can all witness the making of its history right now, at this very moment, and it is fascinating. The buildings are getting taller, the parks and recreational facilities are becoming greener, there are more and more things to do. The place that just a few decades ago consisted of a few low-rise buildings, is now a boosting business and tourist hub. Every day there is something new happening here.

But what about something more active and fun, like sports? What is the story there? Well, considering the young age of the place, the sports scene is surprisingly well-shaped. There are all sorts of activities to do for people of all ages and levels.  Yes, Dubai is still known for its glamour, its beaches and pool. Although, spending all your free time at the pool is not that trendy and cool anymore. Active lifestyle is what’s taking over the lives and minds of the new generation these days. Hot or cold (it does get cold in winter here), there is a whole active world right here. The population is getting fitter and more into sports.

But, let’s not talk about professional sports today, even though we probably all heard that the UAE now has a team for the Oympics, and it’s truly exciting news. I would like to focus, however, on something more recreational. Something that any person that likes being active without having to push their limits, could enjoy. After doing a little research, I came up with Duplays- the largest adult sport and recreational club. It has been created a few years ago and has become very popular with active expats and locals. Duplays have organized sport leagues for men, women, and mixed play in the UAE. There are over 90,000 members and they are not going to stop on that number!

Why join?

Every night, including some weekends, Duplays organize men, women, and mixed sport leagues for hundreds of adults across the Emirate. You can play football, beach volleyball, basketball, touch rugby, netball, ultimate frisbee, softball, cricket, golf leagues and other team sports you can think of across your city! it does sound like great fun! Usually people who join Duplays are young, motivated individuals with great personalities, so why not join as well and meet new like-minded friends while having fun and getting fitter? Playing team sports is more fun than torturing yourself at the gym, isn’t it? There are both recreational and competitive divisions, so you can decide for yourself whom you would feel more comfortable with. Are you into winning or into taking it easy?

To join a team simply visit Duplays website and sign up as an individual, team, or partial team and they will take care of the rest! Very convenient indeed.

Duplays connects you to others who share your passion for sport and to great sport activities where you live, from leagues to tournaments, events and classes. They aim at making communities healthier, more social and more connected through sport.

Which sports are you interested in? Share your thought with us.


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5 thoughts on “Fun Games We Play: Duplays

  1. Very interesting read! I would totally join something like this and play beach volleyball or ultimate frisbee. Which recreational sport is your favorite? Have you tried many of them?

  2. It sounds like it is a booming place if you like to play sports. I must admit – I am do not know much about Dubai – I think that it is always hot there. I can’t image playing sports in that heat.
    I have been a triathlete years ago and I think if the temperatures were bearable, that would be a great sport over there.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. You know, it gets really unbearable only three months a year: June- August (although June is still not that bad), the rest of the year it is actually quite pleasant, and in winter even gets chilly (thin scarves and long pants chilly:))

    2. People in Dubai play sport in summer even in the heat, especially at night. The heat is not too bad at night, it just gets very humid.

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