Free Yoga Mondays in Skydive Dubai

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Join Natalya for uplifting and liberating Free Yoga Mondays Morning throughout winter and spring at Sky Dive Dubai to begin your yoga journey. Before it is too hot, grab your chance to start your day positively and spiritually uplifted. During the sessions, you can spend some time exploring simple asanas, breathing, relaxation, and focusing techniques. You can also learn how to improve your flexibility and strength and how to prevent and avoid yoga injuries.
These lessons are suitable for everyone from absolute beginners to those looking for a different viewpoint on an established and well-known practice. The fact that the event is free of charge will help you find out whether this practice is right for you and to consider if that’s something you would like to continue with.


We are a combination and a reflection of all our previous and current experiences in life. Thus, our bodies capture and store our cultural conditioning, our emotions and physical patterns, and they are reflected in the way we now move and inhabit our bodies. From time to time, these experiences create blocks and sticking points, which affect both our movement and thinking.
Yoga, when practiced intelligently, can help us return to the natural freedom we experienced as children. It allows us to rediscover our flexible, adaptable, natural selves. It encourages us to gaze deep into ourselves, providing a penetrating insight into how we move, behave, and live our lives. With this deep knowledge, we can move forward into the world. We can modify and adjust the subtle layers of ourselves, so that we become softer, richer, more fulfilled and happier people.
In fact, yoga equals meditation, because both practices work together in achieving the common goal of unity. They look at mind, body and spirit as something that should work together towards a state of eternal bliss.

You probably will need a good yoga mat to enjoy the class. You will as well need it if you would like to continue with the practice.

Times: Every Monday, 06:00 – 07:15
Dates: Start Date: 01 Feb 2016 / End Date: 01 July 2016
Energy Exchange: Free yoga session, Donation based

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