Dubai Tennis Championship 2016

tennis, big tennis, women's legs, dubai tennisDubai Duty Free Tennis Championship has started today. It is going to be a two-week tournament with tennis superstars like Djokovic, Federer, and Simona Halep participating. Best thing about the tournament is that according to their website, you can still get tickets for the women’s week starting from 75 dhs here. Unfortunately, all men’s tickets were sold the very first day.

So why watch Dubai tennis? Well, it’s not just a sport, it’s a whole lifestyle, which brings people together. Tennis is French, American, British; it’s global, it’s fashionable, it’s glamorous and glitzy. Tennis is a lifestyle and Dubai is just right for it.

Within a couple hours watching the players, you can move through the whole range of human emotions: happiness, ecstasy, joy, hatred, anger,, frustration, nerves, anxiety, fire, passion, and many more.  It might be one of the most rewarding and maddening activities we can participate in. Watching the whole human drama without saying a word. See you at the Dubai Open next week!

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