Dubai Meal Plans- Recipes Delivered to Your Door

We should just admit it. We all once in a while have this urge to cook something new, tasty and not extremely simple. Whether you are a man or a woman, a great chef or someone who never cooks – there are times when we want to impress a special person with our culinary experiments. Even if it means surprising only yourself.
Have you heard about meal plans yet?  These things have become very popular around the world. Especially, recently. Especially in Dubai, where service is always at your doorstep.

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How do Dubai meal plans work?

Usually, you order a specific meal online. It can be one single one or a plan for a week, for example. The products get delivered right to your house. But this is not just a simple set of eatable things. You will get just the right amount of pre-measured products and easy to follow recipes.
Cooking has never been so fun and easy! You will be able to create challenging and exotic meals without setting the kitchen on fire. And without stressing out too much. Isn’t that great?

Today we present to you the existing meal delivery services in Dubai that specialize on meal plans. Let’s have a look at what these Dubai meal services have to offer.

1. Hello Chef

The motto of this company is cool and catchy – all you need at home is salt, pepper and olive oil!
Hello Chef creates a new menu every week and specializes in three types of those – low-carb, family and veggie. You can choose the amount of people you want to cook for and depending on that the right price will be calculated. The price ranges from AED 331 to AED 371 per week for 2 people. You get 8 meals.

The website has a simple interface and you won’t have any difficulties while choosing your weekly meal plan and placing your order. Let’s not forget that every week of recipes is different with Hello Chef! By the way, the price range is a pleasant surprise. Also, they have a vegetarian and a low carb option, so a real find for people who train.

You cannot order a single meal as they come in packs for a week. Despite that the products stay fresh for around four days. It looks like you would have to go out on the weekend. By the way, you have the option to subscribe to Hello Chef meal planning and receive a new bunch of products every week. But if you want to make any changes to your subscriptions, you have to make sure to do that before Thursday noon.

You can order from HelloChef here.

2. Cook a Box

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This Dubai meal plan is proud to be specializing only on products of the highest quality. Each week new recipes are being created from seasonal and fresh ingredients.
All the products are great, but you still have the opportunity to choose an organic or a regular package. With the organic one you can pick a vegetarian weekly option.
The price ranges from AED 332 to AED 532 per week for 2 people. You will be getting 4 recipes for this price.
The quality of the products once again is impeccable and you can have a look at the whole list of suppliers on the website. The recipes change every week and range from traditional ones to the more exotic. It is one of the first meal plan services in Dubai.
Cook a Box is more on the pricey side. Especially the sums for the organic packages bite. By the way, the orders can be placed online only between Sunday to Thursday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Order from Cookabox here. 


3. Live Freshr

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Well, this place has the best website design! It is not only pleasant to look at, it also shows statistics about how many clients they have already, how many meals have been delivered, etc. And finally we got the idea of the average cooking time! 26 minutes to create a masterpiece, if you’re interested.
What about the prices? They start from AED 180 and end with AED 468 per week for 2 people. You can order from two to seven meals.
This Dubai meal delivery thinks not only about you, but also about your friends! If you refer a friend – they will receive a 25% discount this week and you will get the same bonus next week.  The website has a simple menu customizer in case you are allergic or just don’t like one of the products. Moreover, the delivery is always free.
The deadline for your subscription changes is Wednesday midnight and cancellation is not accepted over the phone.  The ingredients used are not organic as the company finds the overall organic production in Dubai not trustworthy yet.

Livefreshr meals can be ordered on their website.

4. Dinner Time

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The name speaks for itself. This one specializes on dinners that require around 30 minutes to be prepared.
You would have to pay around AED 450 for 4 meals enough for 4 people.
New, well-balanced recipes are published every week. They feature a lot of organic and locally grown vegetables. And you have the opportunity to choose a gluten free or a vegetarian box.
You get just enough products for only 4 meals that happen to be quite pricey. In addition to that, the creators admit that for some recipes you would need your own pepper, curry powder, rice and soy sauce.

Feel free to browse their website for some ideas.

The box is the answer

When talking about the pros of meal plan deliveries on the whole – there are many.
Imagine never having to think again about what to have for dinner. The box has the answer for you!
People like to point out that now they save a lot of time, because they don’t have to waste it on grocery shopping. Moreover, as the amount of ingredients is pre-measured, you will be cooking without producing any waste! Dubai meal plans coming in a box right to your doorstep is a great service we all have to try at least once. Besides, it’s really inspiring and makes you try something new you always wanted to try but were afraid it would not turn out great. And you wouldn’t have to worry that the other part of a whole chicken will go off.

Sounds worth at least trying out, doesn’t it?

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