Colors in the desert: Dubai Miracle Garden

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I have been planning for a while to go see this “Miracle” but every time something better and much closer would come up (on the map it does look like Dubai Miracle Garden is in the middle of nowhere, which is a bit of a turnoff for me).  Finally, I found some time and courage and after a bit of a struggle with the GPS, which of course had no idea where the place was and after seeing a miraculous tiny little sign indicating that I was going in the right direction, there I was. It was Friday morning and I was glad Friday morning is a quiet time for everyone in Dubai so the place was not too crowded. Yes, crowds is something I am trying to avoid as much as possible, if it is possible at all in Dubai.

The World’s Biggest Natural Flower Garden

Dubai miracle garden, Dubai, Miracle garden, Dubai garden, flowers, Dubai flowers, flowers peacock

A giant peacock made of flowers

Spreading over an area of about 72,000 square meters of land, Dubai Miracle Garden is claimed to be the world’s largest natural flower garden, however, most of the flowers are just regular for my home country petunias and geraniums. Nevertheless, all these flower is an exotic sight for the middle of the desert (literally, just a few hundred meters away from the garden there is just sand). And there are lots of them!


To be honest, I am very skeptical about things that are “biggest/largest/widest” but this garden blew my mind! The day was perfect, with clear blue skies, and after all the sand and construction one usually sees everywhere in Dubai, the explosion of colors was a real treat for the eyes. Bright pink, blue, magenta, yellow, orange, rose, coral, orchid, plum, gold- bright colors as far as your eyes can see. Birds singing, little cute benches and cozy cushion to relax on while trying to breathe the colors with your skin, to absorb them all.

Celebration of Colors

Dubai, Dubai miracle garden, Dubai garden, miracle garden, flowers, hearts

With over 45 million flowers grown and bloomed in a variety of colors, styles and shapes resembling stars, hearts, circles, sculptures, vintage-style vehicles, igloos, and pyramids, the garden is truly a sight for tired city citizen’s eyes. Dubai managed to create a garden paradise in the heart of the desert city. It’s truly a miracle that these flowers are actually real and thriving in extreme weather conditions. Dubai Miracle Garden looks truly like a fairy tale.

Opening Hours and Location

Dubai miracle garden, Dubai, Dubai garden, Miracle Garden

The Garden is open from 9am to 9pm on weekdays and till 11 p.m. on weekends. However, if you haven’t visited it yet, hurry up because the garden will be closed in summer. No one knows yet when, but with the coming heat it can be any moment. And it’s getting hotter and hotter already so it’s the last few weeks we can enjoy the wonderful outdoors. The Garden is situated close to Arabian Ranches, in Dubailand. You might need some help from google maps when driving there! Entrance fee: 30 dhs per person, free entrance for children under 3.


Even now the best time to visit would be early in the morning as soon as it opens or in the evening when the beautiful illumination is on.  Ah, there is also a nice flower windmill over a flower giant clock, which is a great background for your birthday since it’s customized every single day. Truly amazing! Overall, it’s a great place to bring your visitors to, will keep them busy for many hours and they will have beautiful photos to take home.



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