Beautiful Dubai Video Will Give You Goosebumps

Today I came across this video of beautiful Dubai, taken three years ago and I absolutely loved it! The video is dynamic and fast-paced, which perfectly reflects the spirit of the city itself. It has a bit slowed down for the holy month of Ramadan but it is still Dubai as we all love it.

Beautiful Dubai

Beautiful city from the talented timelapse photographer. It might have changed since that time, but the soul and heart of Dubai will always stay the same. Show it to people who are planning to come to the city, it will make them really look forward to their visit. Or watch it when you are feeling doubts about the purpose of your stay here. Just stop for a moment to realize that these skyscrapers and malls and beaches and roads didn’t exist in this place just a few decades ago, and it was all built in the middle of the desert. Will say no more, so just enjoy the video!

Dubai Timelapse on Vimeo.

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