9 Things to Do With Children in Dubai This Summer

Summer holidays are already midway and you just realized that you and your children are spending it in Dubai? I have a post written on what to do if you are not planning to leave the country for something cooler and more bearable. You can read it here. But, what if you have children? What about them then? How are they supposed to cope with staying in during their vacation? Now besides trying to entertain yourself, you have an additional task of figuring out how to entertain them, while doing your best at avoiding the scorching summer heat. But, no worries, Uncover Dubai has it covered!
We have come up with a few tips and ideas of what to do in summer with children in Dubai.  Feel free to add yours to the list!

1. Summer camps.

Dubai, children in Dubai, summer, dubai summerSummer camps is something very unique Dubai. Not the concept, the scale.  Most of the nurseries and kindergartens around the city do not close for the summer. Instead, they transform into summer camps. Any toddler or an older child can take part in these summer camps. The best part is that they do not have to be registered at those places during the normal term time. Many of the camps run from mid June, right through to the end of August, starting in the morning and ending at 4pm. Many camps have arts and crafts, music, and physical activities. Just type in your search “summer camp Dubai” and you will get hundreds of options to choose from.

2. Bounce Dubai.

Dubai, bounce, children in Dubai, summer, dubai summerTime to jump!   Bounce is a dream land for jumping all you want. All that is made possible because hard surfaces are replaced with circus-grade sponge and spring. Everyone can bounce, from adults to the little ones, and this place has even special Jumper Sessions for children in Dubai from the age of three. As they say on their website http://bounce.ae/minibounce: Trampoline for children in Dubai- just because you can’t go to school doesn’t mean you can’t develop the skills to join the Free Jumping Revolution. Why not bounce yourself when you go there to drop off your children? Release your inner child!


3. Ski Dubai

Dubai, children in Dubai, summer, dubai summer, ski dubai, penguins

Is it getting too hot to enjoy the beach? Why not try something different then? Your children (and yourself) will love playing with snow in the middle of July! Take advantage of the hot summer months to learn how to ski, right here in Dubai, in the middle of the mall in the middle of the desert. Wow, that’s a lot of middles! Anyway, children in Dubai are rather privileged to have this opportunity to be able to switch seasons so quickly! Besides, playing in the snow is a well-known parent-child bonding activity. There are also lessons available for all ages,  but if you think your toddler is too young you could always take them to visit the penguins. Yippee!

4. Ice Skating.

Dubai, children in Dubai, summer, dubai summer, dubai ice rinkContinuing with the winter wonderland in the middle of the desert, would like to remind you that in summer children in Dubai (and adults, because why not) can also learn how to skate. Keep your little ones on ice at the Dubai Ice Rink with their Snow Babies program. Your toddler will be able to know the ice rink through different confidence building activities before starting to skate. Only once they are comfortable moving around in the ice rink, their skating coach will start teaching them the basics of ice skating. Sounds great, doesn’t it? th program is for toddlers, therefore the height of the child should be below 100cm to be considered a toddler. If he is not a toddler, there are also ice skating activities for bigger children and adults.

5. Kidzania, Dubai Mall.

Dubai, children in Dubai, summer, dubai summer, kidzaniaThis is a really fascinating place for children in Dubai of all age groups, however, the main play area is for kids from the age of four. Kidzania allows children between the ages of four to sixteen to play real life games. Remember, the ones you used to play with your friends? Doctors and teachers were my favorite ones. But, here in Dubai the simple activities raise to a new level of sophistication, hence Kidzania. This indoor center is a whole city, complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles, a functioning economy, and recognizable destinations in the form of “establishments” sponsored and branded by leading multi-national and local brands. As in the real world, children can work “real jobs” and are either paid for their work (as a fireman, doctor, police officer, journalist, beautician, etc.) or pay to shop or to be entertained. If your kid is under four, no worries, as the place also provides a separate area for toddlers to play in a safe and engaging environment. For more information, visit their website.

6. Petit Palais.

Dubai, children in Dubai, summer, dubai summer, le petit palace

This kid’s town is stylishly French. Well, of course it shouldn’t surprise anyone considering its location (Galeries Lafayette).  The town is for toddlers, who can benefit from all sorts of fun, creative and adventurous activities for a good couple of hours while their parents can enjoy their shopping. Sounds tempting! Le Petit Palais children’s play area, provides a convenient drop-off for their parents. They can be assured that the time spent by their young ones will be exciting and entertaining while they shop around the wide variety of stores at the shopping mall. Check their website for more information.

7. Mini Monsters.

Dubai, children in Dubai, summer, dubai summer, mini monsters

Mini Monsters is the best soft play for little ones, ages 0-6. It is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road, near the Dubai Garden Center. Their indoor play area has the largest slide in the UAE, which kids love! They offer different themed play frames, party zones and toddler zones for younger children. As for the parents, they organize coffee mornings, which is a great for you to socialize and meet other parents and make new friends while your kids play. They also offer a variety of classes,  such as ‘Toddlers Move & Groove’, and ‘Wiggles & Giggles’. Besides, they organize great birthday parties for children in Dubai. Mini Monsters will make sure your child is kept fit over the summer. Check them out here.

8. Kidville.

Dubai, children in Dubai, summer, dubai summer, kidville

Kidville has many locations over Dubai, including Dubai Motor City, JBR, Dubai Marina and Uptown Mirdif, thus making it easy to find something close to your home.  Each location offers a wide range of creative classes for babies, toddlers, and kids up to six years old – classes in music & dance, gym, art, enrichment, and much more. You can register to try a free class to make sure your little one likes it. Activities will be run throughout the summer months.

9. Aquariums.

Dubai, children in Dubai, summer, dubai summer, aquarium

There are two aquariums that both adults and children in Dubai will love. The Dubai Aquarium is right inside  Dubai Mall and is the largest suspended aquarium in the world. A good option in case you are already there, but want something different from Le Petit Palace and Kidzania.  Across town on the Palm there is another great aquarium, The Lost Chambers, placed in The Atlantis Hotel. You and your children will definitely like walking through the passageways and coming face to face with marine life from all over the world, including sharks, giant catfish, and many more.

As a conclusion, I would like to say that if you are tired to be indoors all the time, try waking up earlier and go for a walk before the heat. There are some green areas in Dubai, including parks, such as Safa Park, Umm Suqueim Ladies Park, Creek Park and Al Barsha Park. You’d be surprised how many friends you and your child can make there!
In any case, just remember to keep it varied. You don’t have to be out and about all the time, being a little bit bored is something modern children in Dubai yet have to learn. It’s ok to just have a day at home. Just take it easy!

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  1. Wow! Amazing how Dubai can have all sorts of entertainment for kids and adults alike. No downtime, I suppose. But then again, there’s nothing like the comfort of one’s home. Thanks for this great post. 🙂

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